We recently commissioned a custom modular synth for the Sentry SF office from the audiovisual designer Love Hulten.

Here’s what he came up with for us:

Custom Sentry Synth

We wanted to do something to make our corner of the office a little more interesting. Having worked with Love Hulten on a personal project in the past, this seemed like another great opportunity to collaborate.

A fairly common thread across the design department (and Sentry at large) is our love and appreciation for music and hardware, so I reached out to Love with an idea:

What if members of the team could walk up to a wall-mounted synth, plug in their headphones, and be expressive/weird in a different medium for a bit?

Over the course of the next several months we riffed on specs, finishes, and branding to make it feel over-the-top Sentry. On the inside it features the Moog Matriarch, Roland TR-08 Drum Machine, T-Rex Replicator, Blue Sky Reverberator, and a Sentry logo speaker panel.

Custom Sentry Synth

We’re thrilled with the outcome and will be looking for more ways to collaborate with Love in the future!