In addition to fighting pixels, The Sentry Design Team fights a lot of other things as well. We fight ugly sweaters, lego sets, Senkey diagrams, developer conferences — often things where there’s little to no prior art or reference to draw from. This is why today we’re launching Sentry.Design, which is our attempt to improve that in some small way.

During this year’s hack week, I set some time aside to play with a new and exciting technology: a static blog. But this isn’t just any static blog, it’s a place for members of the Product Design and Creative teams at Sentry to share bite-size learnings (and full helpings sometimes?) about the work we do here and the unique challenges we face across the design org.

The initial iteration of the blog is built using for static site generation and for the custom 3D emoticons. Both tools have made bringing this idea to life much easier than expected. I can almost say that it has been fun.

We’re excited to share these glimpses into our workday. See you there!